Kosovo: The Beginning and the End of the Disintegration of Yugoslavia?

Chair: Karl Kaser, Unversity of Graz

Azem Vllasi, Chairman of the League of Communists of Kosovo (1986-88)

 Discussant: Robert Pichler, University of Graz

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The Crisis of Yugoslav Federalism and Slovene Independence

Chair: Marie-Janine Calic, University of Munich

Ciril Ribičič, President of the Party of Democratic Renewal, Slovenia (1990-1993)

Discussant: Sabrina Ramet, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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Were there Yugoslav Alternatives?

Chair: Armina Galijaš, University of Graz

Vasil Tupurkovski, Macedonian member of the Yugoslav Presidency (1989-1991)

Rasim Kadic, President of the Liberal Democratic Party (1990-2005)

Discussant: Dejan Jović, University of Zagreb

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Keynote speech “The end of the cold war and the dissolution of Yugoslavia”

Chair: Wolfgang Benedek, University of Graz

Budimir Lončar, Foreign policy advisor to the President of Croatia, Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia (1987-1991)

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The Media Background to the Dissolution

Chair: Nidžara Ahmetašević, University of Graz

Gordana Knežević, Deputy Editor of Oslobodjenje (1992-1994)

Discussant: Christopher Bennett, Office of the High Representative, Sarajevo

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Sport and Culture and the End of Yugoslavia

Chair: Dejan Djokić, Goldsmiths

Bojan Hadzihalilovic, co-founder of the designer group Trio, Sarajevo

Discussant: Vjekoslav Perica, University of Rijeka, Neven Andjelic, Regent’s College

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What is the state of the art? (Part 1)

Chair: Stef Jansen, University of Manchester

Nebojša Vladislavljević, University of Belgrade

Neven Andjelić, Regent’s College London

Vjeran Pavlaković, University of Rijeka

Podcast on Mixcloud

What is the state of the art? (Part 2)

Chair: Jasna Dragović-Soso, Goldsmiths, University of London

Vesna Bojičić-Dželilović, London School of Economics

V.P. Gagnon, Ithaca College

Reana Senjković, University of Zagreb

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